■ We recruit sales agents.

  • Our company is a professional manufacturing business of Co-rotating Twin Screw Type Extruder
    and its related machines, and recruit sales agents as follows, so we wait for your much concern.

■ Feasible Selling Items

Assembly □ Extruder (Comp’d) □ Extruder (Piloting) □ Side Feeder □ Die Head
□ Screen Changer □ Pelletizer □ Vent-stuffer □ Rheotruder
Accessory □ Barrel Cylinder □ Element □ Screw Shaft
Capa-Up □ Productivity Improvement □ Quality Improvement □ Operational Condition Change □ Cost Reduction

■ Division of Sales Agent Work and Range of Support

  • Various Estimates and Technical Support

■ Conditions and Object of Sales Agents

  • Corporate Business Owner, Private Business Owner
  • Owner of a Freight Car More Than 1 Ton
  • Person who has more than 18㎡ available for checking and loading (Installation of 500Kg Hoist)
  • Person who has inspection equipment(measuring instruments) certified by our company
    • Vernier calipers(300L, 600L), Micrometer(0~300mm),
      Bore Gauge(0~300), Pitch Gauge, R-Gauge,
      Depth micrometer, Granite Plate(more than W1000×L1000), Height Gauge
  • Person who had experience in related work and is able to run an organization
  • Person who can provide security(Sale on Credit)
  • Contract of Reflecting the Interest Rate(%) Compared with Set Unit Price (Changeable in Accordance with Actual Result)

■ Inquiry of Sales Agent

□ Tel : Sales Management Team / +82-62-954-4369

□ E-mail :