Range of Total Diagnosis

We will be a protagonist in improving the productivity and quality, reducing the production cost of your company.

By the long time experience of over 28 years in manufacturing Co-rotating Twin Screw type Extruder & Acc'y till today, our company has not only shown the appropriate specification of each part but also the improvement of quality, the double increase of productivity, and customer's satisfaction in top priority, compared with existing products by fine manufacturing examination.

Examination ■ Suggestion of the Method for Productivity Improvement, Quality Improvement, Operational
   Condition Change, Cost Reduction

■ Productivity : Setting up the Range of Productivity Improvement Compared with the Capacity
   of Motor & Gear-box.

■ Quality Improvement

1. Vent-up : Barrel & Screw Clearance, Inspection Replacement,
Change of Screw Configuration, Redesign of Vent-port
2. Foreign Substance and Carbonization : Confirming of profer temperature
and congestion area by grade, improvement
3. Eye Discharge Phenomenon : Confirmation of Surface Illuminance Rate of Resin Flow in
the Die Plate, Checkup of Proper Pressure of Resin

■ Operational Condition: Improvement of insecure resin pressure and pellet condition

■ Cost Reduction: Analysis of frequent maintenance factor by rapid abrasion and damage.