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Rheotruder (Single Screw)

The main device of this product is made up of Ø45 single screw shaft (L/D=10), and Ø60 (L/D=2) (L/D=4) can be used in replacing work by using sub lift (hydraulic) as a sub device and test properties in accordance with grade type.

Rheotruder (Single Screw)

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Model Type Test Range (Main) Test Range (Sub) Speed Torque
HWSE-60 2-Stage Single Screw Ø45 (L/D=10) Ø60 (L/D=2) (L/D=4) 80~3000 rpm 1850 Nm
Common Matters □ Power : AC15Kw*380V*3P
□ Test Range : Single Screw Ø45 (L/D=10), Ø60 (L/D=2) (L/D=4)
□ Analysis and characterization of properties and data input / output according to grade
□ Extraction of resin pressure, temperature, and torque rate, measurement of viscosity,
   and analysis of melting state by speed and section about possessed model

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