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If you select the product item firstly and then click the below element shape drawing, the detailed information appears.

■ Element Shape Drawing

Feed Scres (FSE)

Screw Mixing (SME)

Seal Screw (SSE)

Kneading Block (KBE)

Twist Kneading Rotor (TKR)

Conveying Screw (CSE)

Turbo Mixing (TME)

Teeth Mixing (ZME)

Single Feed Screw (SFS)

Triple Feed Screw (TFS)

Paddle (PDE)

■ Application materials    ※ Option : Material / Surface treatment,                                                   ※ HWFS = Forging Steel

Applications Material & Feature Surface Treatment Picture
Fillers, GF Compounding 1. HWFS440C (Corrosion Resistance, Abrasion Resistance)
2. SKH59 (Super Abrasion Resistance)
3. HWFS20 (Oxidization Resistance, Abrasion Resistance)

Polymer Alloying, Coloring…

1. HWFS645 (Corrosion Resistance, Abrasion Resistance)
2. HWFS61 (Heat Resistance, Abrasion Resistance)
3. HWFS420J2 (Corrosion Resistance, Abrasion Resistance)
4. STS440C(Corrosion Resistance, Abrasion Resistance )
Coating (Tin)
Master batch Compounding
Direct film & Sheet processing

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