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Side Vent-stuffer (Twin Screw)

This is the equipment which emits the inevitable steam
& vacuum gas by compounding purpose as well as removes
the percentage of water content by inputting ABS Wet Powder.

Side Vent-stuffer (Twin Screw)

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Model Type Screw (O.D) Screw Electric Heater Main Motor (Power) Main Motor (Speed)
HWEV-142 Twin Screw Ø 142 12~120 rpm 10 Kw 7.5Kw (60Hz) 180~1800 rpm
HWEV-172 Ø 172 11.6~116 rpm 15 Kw 15Kw (50Hz) 145.4~1454 rpm
Common Matters □ Power : 440V * 3P * 60(50)Hz
□ Join Adapter & Cylinder Heating= Elec’t
□ Control Panel : Speed Control (Inverter), Attaching manual and automatic operation S/W and alarm button
□ This product is single control type, and O/P & Local Panel linkage is another case

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